Wholesale and Distribution

We are  L&L Global, and we are here to help.

An immense change has taken place in our world. It is a reality where PPE equipment and sanitizing equipment are vital to the health of your family, community, employees and front-line workers.

With disruptions in global supply chains, the Canadian and Provincial governments have urged private enterprises, such as our own, to shift our focus to providing the public with these much-needed provisions. 

L&L has over a decade of experience in distribution and procurement. Along with an established team, network, and resources, we have the supply chain and product available to provide businesses with immediate access to ordering wholesale quantities of personal protection equipment.

Our mission is simple, we’re using all our resources to make sure every person, family and business has access to essential protective health supplies.

Offering nationwide shipping, we guarantee your order makes it to you in a timely manner, helping you to keep your employees and clients safe.