Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer


Product Description

With our non-contact infrared thermometer, checking temperatures has never been this easy. Our smart-scanning technology measure in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, without ever having to worry about transferring germs from one user to the next. This sanitary, non-invasive, and clinically accurate thermometer will provide you with readings in mere seconds.


  • Non-contact smart scanning technology
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings supported
  • Easy reading within seconds
  • Light up screen, allows for visibility in poor lighting
  • Lightweight
  • Colour coded temperature readings
  • Holds up to 20 Readings for recall and comparison of temperature patterns
  • Power Saving automatic shutdown feature


    1. Press MODE to select whether you would like to view the temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    2. Scan by pointing the scanner towards the individuals head, scanning moving from ear to forehead.
    3. The LED display will light up in either Green, Yellow, or Red, along with the temperature reading.
      • Green – No Fever
      • Yellow – Low Fever
      • Red – High Fever